Mutualisation & certification

GIS-MIC Training was created in 2014 and based in Metz, North East France. Nowadays it stands as a vocational training key player when it comes to:

  • NDT
  • Assemblies
  • Materials
  • Training: Regulations/HSE
Training: NDT - GIS-MIC Training: NDT - GIS-MIC

Our non-destructive testing training will prepare you efficiently to the COFREND test. The trainings length and contents are in accordance with NF standard IN ISO 9712 requirements as well as with the COFREND recommendations. At the end of your training period, our partner COFREND CIFM n°5 offers you the possibility to get your certificate accreditations.

In our catalogue, you will be able to find trainings in; penetrant testing, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasounds, radiography, visual control, radio-telegrams interpretation, as well as the preparation training to CAMARI.

Some of our trainings can be performed directly in your offices, for example: visual control training, radio-telegrams interpretations, thickness measures…

Training: Assemblies - GIS-MIC

Our welding inspectors and engineers are always pleased to help you and able to set up an assembly training that fits your needs and expectations.

In our catalogue, you will find specifics welding trainings which can be adapt to your demand as the DMOS, the welding book, the QMOS and QS.

Trainings on the subject of welding procedures, the filler metal use, the welding quality procedure (ISO 2824 - EN 1090 - EN 15085) can also be performed by our specialists.

Training: Materials - GIS-MIC Training: Materials - GIS-MIC

Our trainings about materials performed by our experts in metallurgy content the answers to your daily questionings.

In our catalogue, you will find trainings material certification, the metallurgy basics, the thermal treatments.

It is possible to adapt trainings to the implementation of stainless teels, duplex, aluminium, nickel alloys and titanium.

Training: Regulations/HSE - GIS-MIC

Our Regulation/Health, Safety and Environment trainings are insured by our specialists in European and national regulations as well as in the Health, Safety and Environment areas.

In our catalogue, you can find regulations trainings around; equipment under pressure, equipment under nuclear pressure, radioprotection restrictions but also around HSE aspects as the single document, the preventions program and the ATEX risks.

In 2015 GIS-MIC FORMATION joined one of the top engineering schools, ENIM located in Metz, France. Among its other areas of research, ENIM excels in structures reliability and non-destructive testing. ENIM University has its own COFREND certification centre, the CIFM n°5 centre.

This partnership allows you to benefit of CND experts experience and the opportunity to complete your training by the obtaining of your certification.

The pooling of the unique skills of our two entities offers a consistent response to the facilities integrity issues. The needs in terms of training in this area are relevant and important with, among others, the follow-up of the French nuclear park and the international energy projects.

Our trainers arise from the industrial world and attended higher education, so their permanent contact with the field reality combined with their knowledge guarantee to our trainings a real trade approach.

Our Added Value:

Our trainers: teachers-researchers, engineers, welding engineers and COFREND levels 2 and 3 stand for our quality guarantee. Meet your expectations, identify together your needs, ensure a personalized support throughout the training program, maintain the undertaken trainings, guarantee quality in services and logistics.

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Our certifications

COFRAC Inspection Certification - GIS-MIC
 MASE Est Technical assistance, Inspection, NDT, Training Certification - GIS-MIC
TUV NORD ISO 9001 Certification - GIS-MIC TUV NORD ISO 9001 Certification - GIS-MIC TUV NORD BS OHSAS 18001 Certification - GIS-MIC
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