Technical assistance

Multidisciplinary & reactivity.

According to your specific needs, GIS-MIC is able to provide a professional team quickly. Our specialists have strong knowledge to ensure the completion of your projects both in France and abroad. Our technical staff performs in various areas such as:

  • Welding
  • QHSE
  • Inspection
  • NDT
Technical assistance : Welding - GIS-MIC

We usually operate in welding engineering for the conception of welded assembly, selection of welding procedures and materials (filler wire and base metal), preparation and verification of welding book (WPS, PQR, WPQ).

Based in France and abroad, our teams of experts are made up of welding engineers and technicians or steelworkers with strong experience in duplex steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, low alloy steel…

Currently, GIS-MIC Group represents around a hundred experts endowed with initial trainings in metallurgy and welding (IWE, IWT, ESSA, EAPS…). We will surely help with our skills and expertise in order to assist you for any construction project but also when maintenance and exploitation issues occur.

Technical assistance : QHSE - GIS-MIC

Our engineers and quality inspectors are able to work in various fields: they are qualified in order to implement your quality system and insure the follow-up with the development of the working procedures according to your processes.

We are here to guide you through this quality process every step of the way during construction, maintenance and operating phases. Therefore we will suggest indicators and team awareness campaign as well as internal control.

Through our new subsidiary GIS (, we can assist you in the areas of hygiene, safety and environment as well as in the development of a quality system and its management.

GIS-MIC is certified ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and MASE.

Technical assistance : Inspection - GIS-MIC

Our experimented staff operates during the fabrication, the assembly and/or the reparation of your equipments and structures. These interventions may happen in your workshops, on your construction sites, within manufacturing or assembly units.

We assure the experience of our inspectors in equipment manufacturing according to diverse codes: CODAP, CODETI, ASME, RCC-M, EN 13345, EN 13480, EN 12952… Furthermore, in accordance with national and international regulations, they also keep track of in-service equipment.

Depending on contractual and technical requirements, our personnel is able to follow-up the manufacturing at your suppliers’ site for temporary mission or continuous spot or uninterrupted mission.

Our inspection activity is accredited by COFRAC according to NF EN ISO 17020, in the following fields: welding and NDT supervision and NDT realisation (penetrant testing, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic testing).

As such, GIS MIC is recognized as Inspection Body of type C (see more details on

Technical assistance : NDT - GIS-MIC

Our certified level 2 inspectors (according to NF EN ISO 9712 - COFREND) are qualified to take action in your workshops, over your facilities or on your construction sites.

Our experts level 3, according to NF EN ISO 9712 (COFREND), are competent to establish or validate your procedures of nondestructive testing using conventional techniques: penetrant testing, magnetic particle inspection, radiographic or ultrasonic testing.

GIS-MIC owns all the material to perform controls according to classic techniques such as visual, dimensional, penetrant testing, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic testing but also ACFM, TOFD, Phased Array, Electromagnetic Testing.

Our specialists make themselves available for interventions accordingly to your needs and expectations.

Drawing upon our international presence, allow us to mobilize our personnel very quickly with an optimum logistic and legal service for taking up the post efficiently.

At GIS-MIC, we take care of our employee’s well-being as much as the compliance with local regulations.

Our skills and core business

Welding engineer, Client representative, Coordinator, Inspector, QA/QC, NDT, NDT expertise, QC welding / NDT, Pipeline, Piping, Structure, Supervision, HSE, SPS coordinator…

Our certifications

COFRAC Inspection Certification - GIS-MIC
 MASE Est Technical assistance, Inspection, NDT, Training Certification - GIS-MIC
TUV NORD ISO 9001 Certification - GIS-MIC TUV NORD ISO 9001 Certification - GIS-MIC TUV NORD BS OHSAS 18001 Certification - GIS-MIC
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