Method & precision

Inspection of new or operating equipment surely stands as one of GIS-MIC foundations.

  • Equipment monitoring and reception
  • Expediting
  • Welding
  • NDT
Inspection : Suivi / Réception d'équipements - GIS-MIC Inspection : Suivi / Réception d'équipements - GIS-MIC

Our inspectors operate on a regular basis in France and abroad to check on your equipment production, to take delivery of material, to follow specific welding operations and non-destructive testing

We are able to work on all kinds of facilities such as pressure vessels, structures, pipelines, engineering work, piping but also on operation sites (refinery, platform, FPSO, petro chemistry, chemistry, nuclear, pharmaceutical, agribusiness).

Inspection : Expediting - GIS-MIC

Besides technical skills, we can also take part in the management of production schedule.

In order to prevent any risk or failure in your quality process of manufacturing, we maintain a direct relationship with your technical and purchase departments.

Inspection : Soudage - GIS-MIC Inspection : Soudage - GIS-MIC

Concerning the redaction of your welding books, we offer to assist you in the welding preparation, welding procedures and filler metal selection.

Moreover, we guide you to optimize your welding parameters (intensity, voltage, welding speed) while taking into account the heat input along with the welding sequences.

Because of an initial training in metallurgy and welding (IWE, IWT, IWS) improved by additional trainings, our workforce is well known as professionals ready to ensure optimal services.

Inspection : CND - GIS-MIC

Most of our technicians and engineers are certified level 2 and 3 according to NF EN ISO 9712 (COFREND) in conventional methods such as liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, radiography and ultrasonic testing.

We provide our teams with the right equipment to operate on your workshops or industrial sites thanks to our three offices in France (Metz, Marignane, and Le Havre) but also abroad.

We also deal with particular NDT methods like TOFD, Phased Array, ACFM, Eddy current Testing…

Industrial groups’ demands lead our inspectors to follow their clients’ equipment production/delivery and validate their procedures and qualification record.

They may also take action on operating industrial sites or during shutdown (RBI methodology, inspection plan, visits…).

Whether it is a matter of checking the general state of your facilities, or to complete its periodic follow up; GIS-MIC knows how to accompany and plan your inspections, willing to meet your expectations and legal requirements. Allow us to assist you each step of the way during equipment manufacturing!

Our skills and core business

Reception of welded equipment and valves. Monitoring of welding operations, structures, pipelines, pressure vessels and engineering work. Redaction and review of welding books, NDT procedures, repair procedures, document review. Interventions during shutdown unit. Welding engineer, expert, coordinator, supervisor…

Our certifications

COFRAC Inspection Certification - GIS-MIC
 MASE Est Technical assistance, Inspection, NDT, Training Certification - GIS-MIC
TUV NORD ISO 9001 Certification - GIS-MIC TUV NORD ISO 9001 Certification - GIS-MIC TUV NORD BS OHSAS 18001 Certification - GIS-MIC
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